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BOOST products Silicone Blanking Cap 32mm, black

Item number SI-CAP-32S

BOOST products Silicone Blanking Cap 32mm, black

Silicone blanking cap made with fabric reinforcement in black!

High quality BOOST products silicone blanking cap with 3 layers of textile

This BOOST products Silicone end caps are reinforced with textile layers to be extreme pressure resistant and also to vacuums in your boost System. These caps are suitable for blanking of your intercooler or radioator pipes/tubes, intake systems, water lines or similar. Also ideal when an engine and/or auxillary parts have been removed and been standing for a long time, corrosion etc. is slowed down by closing open connections on the engine and parts. The silicone blanking caps can withstand up to 5 Bar and temperatures up to 220° C. They are not to be used to get in contact with fuel or oil!

In contrast to other suppliers, the Boost products silicone caps are reinforced thanks to multiple fabric inserts, so they can also be loaded with pressure (air/water).

Inner Diameter: 32mm
Length: 36mm
Wall Thickness: 4,3mm
Textile Layers: 3
Temperature Range: -40°C to 220°C
Pressure resistant up to: minimum 5bar
Colour: black (completely)

After many tests we deliver best quality at the best price! The BOOST products silicone products have achieved and many times even exceeded the quality of silicone items compared to ones made by well known manufacturers in quality tests. This silicone is durable and flexible, stable and colour-proof after many years. Lots of well known company's in the tuning and motorsport areas rely on silicone products made by BOOST products. Rely on our quality!

BOOST Products silicone blanking caps have until 38mm 3 layers of fabric and 4,3mm wall thickness. They come with a small subtle BOOST products logo which proofs the silicone hoses' quality.

What you should consider with Silicone

- The diameter refers to the inner diameter
- when choosing the clamp take the wall thickness x2 for the right size
- silicone products are 1-3mm elastic
- if you can't find the right size, choose the smaller one which is available

5 Years BOOST products Warranty

For this item you receive 5 years warranty in the Area of the Federal Republic of Germany, additionally to the legal guarantee. The processing is handled directly by BOOST products GmbH regarding the BOOST products Warranty Terms. You find these under .