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BOOST products Warranty Terms and Conditions

In addition to the legal warranty, we grant you a warranty which is always directly to claim at BOOST products GmbH on all items purchased from BOOST products and manufactured by BOOST products in accordance with the following terms:

Your statutory rights, especially your legal guarantee accordingt to warranty law, are not restricted by this!

- The warranty period is 5 years from receipt of the items. The warranty is valid for the Area of the Federal Republic of Germany.
- During the warranty period products which have defects due to material- or manufacturing faults, repaired or replaced at our discretion. Replaced products or parts of products become our property. The guarantee services do not cause an extension of the warranty period nor do they initiate a new warranty.
- Warranty claims must be alleged without delay after becoming aware of the warranty case within the warranty period. Premise to preserve the warranty is therefore the timely dispatch of the item along with a proof of purchase, which must be issued in the name of the warrantee.
To claim the warranty the following stemps are necessary.

Please send the defect item together with the proof of purchase with postage paid to:

BOOST products GmbH
Semmelweisstraße 56-64
12524 Berlin

If the failiure is within our warranty conditions, you will receive a repaired or new item.

The costs for the return must be provided by you.

Warranty claims are excluded for damage caused by:
- abusive or improper handling (e.g. production of to high temperatures, making contact with pointed and/ or sharp parts, etc.),
- external forceful impact (blow (including stone chips), shocks, impacts in case of accidents and the like),
- use in other area than car tuning (e.g. machinery and plant engineering),
- environmental influences (moisture, dust, heat, etc.)
- not observing the products security instructions,
- not observing the products instructions manual,
- procedures that were performed by an unauthorized service dealer,
- unauthorised attempts to repair, and/ or
- shipment in an unsafe packaging.

Also warranty claims are excluded for second-hand products, submitted without proof of purchase and consumables (gaskets, hose clamps, bolts / nuts and similar products or product parts) or products for single use. From the warranty not (or no longer) covered defects or damages to the item, we can repair for a reimbursement of our expenses. Please contact our customer support directly for an individual offer. Shipping costs are to be paid by you in these cases.