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You can pay in advance with Bank transaction or Paypal. We also offer "afterwards" payment with Payment on delivery. Here you pay the invoice amount in CASH to the deliverer before receiving the pacel.

Advance payment

After you have placed your order you receive an email with the required bank data. As a reference please just put the Order-ID and your Customer-ID. We check our account hourly and they are checked against automatically. In case you used a wrong reference (e.g. item number instead of Order-ID and Customer-ID) your payment can't be assigned to your order. As soon as your payment is assigned your order is cleared for shipping or restocking.


Paypal is an online payment service where you need to create an account and connect it to your credit card or bank account. Then you can send a payment through your Paypal account to us. The moneytransfer itself is made by Paypal. As soon as your payment is made, your oder is cleared for shipping or restock. Paypal payments are very fast and safe because you don't need to enter your bank account information during the checkout itself while shopping.

More information about Paypal can be found here