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MAF Honeycomb / Airflow Straightener Screen - 76mm (3")

Item number HC-MAF-76

MAF Mass Air Meter Airflow straightener screen insert 76mm (3")

76 mm Honeycomb for MAF, cold air intakes or turbo inlet pipes

Improves MAF / Mass Air Flow Meter readings

Especially with performance upgrades, the MAF (mass air flow meter) or LMM (mass air meter) often causes problems. Unfavorable intake flows and turbulence make for poor readings, resulting in rough engine running with misfires and reduced performance. With the BOOST products LMM / MAF honeycomb airflow straightener, you can fix these problems. Whether on any cold air intake, turbo inlet pipe or anywhere a MAF sensor is located, the BOOST products MAF Honeycomb airflow straightener will greatly improve the MAF readings "fuel trims" that the ECU sees.

The BP Honeycomb is an inexpensive upgrade because it:
- prevents uneven MAF readings
- fix lean or rich spikes
- increases throttle response
- improves idle characteristics

Technical data:
Material: Aluminium
Thickness: 20mm
Diameter: 73mm

- For pipes with O.D. 76 mm (3") diameter*
- Slips directly into the tube in front of the MAF sensor
- Can be glued in place, for example with epoxy glue

*The actual outer diameter is approx. 3mm less to fit the wall thickness of 1,5mm pipes, so the honeycomb insert fits in perfectly.