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BOOST exhaust rubbers red - heat resistant (3 pieces per package)

Item number EX-HG-02

BOOST products exhaust rubber holders red - heat resistant (3 pieces per package)

High quality exhaust rubbers

Motorsport exhaust rubber holders for exhaust systems

This reinforced exhaust rubbers from BOOST products are high-temperature-resistant silicone rubbers especially made for the exhaust systems of racing vehicles. They are temperature resistant up to 220°C permanently. It is important to know that the radiation heat is rarely the stress, the problem is mainly the transfer of the often higher temperatures of the exhaust systems on the exhaust holder that sits in the rubber. With the permanent pressure of the exhaust holder on the rubber, which is also like increased in performance vehicles, the standard rubbers often break very fast.

5 Years BOOST products Warranty

For this item you receive 5 years warranty in the Area of the Federal Republic of Germany, additionally to the legal guarantee. The processing is handled directly by BOOST products GmbH regarding the BOOST products Warranty Terms. You find these under .