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Simons Silencer Handy - 63,5mm U456300R

Item number 2903104500

SIMONS "Handy" - 63,5mm

Universal Silencer

Completely made of stainless steel, very silent

Material: Stainless steel 1.4307
Length (Body): 250mm
Diameter: 125mm round
Connections: 63,5mm (inner, slotted also suitable for construction with clamps)
Power Specification: up to 350PS

SIMONS Silencer have a reputation for a very good noise reduction. We use them in several vehicles and are surprised by their excellent sound.

All Silencer are made of stainless steel and also are their connectors.

Made in Sweden (no China Production)

No TÜV/ MOT label or similar. Just for Racing or special permission §21.

What means silent?

We tested the SIMONS Silencer and compared them to other manufacturers Silencer, also measured the volume level. In every test the SIMONS Silencers were the ones with the best noise reduction. The test didn't only compare absorbing silencers but also continuous silencer without chambers. Silencers with chambers might even have a higher noise reduction but they have consequences regarding the engine performance.

Which Silencer is most suitable?

The bigger the volume of the silencer the more he can reduce noises. Use the space under your car the best possible way and choose the silencer with the highest volume. We have noticed oval Silencers reduce noises more than round ones.

End Silencer or Middle Silencer?

Because our Silencers are fully continuous, you can use them as a Pre-, Middle-, or End silencer.