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BOOST products Turbocharger Manifold Gasket T3

Item number 3601000103

Manifold Gasket T3 / GT3X / K27

high quality Turbo metal gasket

Gasket between Manifold and Turbocharger

This is a punched stainless steel Gasket. Due to the imprint the sealing surface originates exactly in the needed position. Please notice that with every assembling and disassembling a new gasket is needed.

Material: stainless steel
Overall Size: 110mm x 69mm
diameter cut out: 61mm x 44mm
Bore distance: 86mm x 46mm
Fits with:
Turbocharger T3(X) up to T37
Turbocharger KKK27 and similar
Garrett T3
Garrett T3/T4 (excluding plain T4 Charger)
Garrett GT32
Garrett GT35
Garrett GT37
Garrett GT30R, GT3076R, GT3076RS, GT30RS, GT30R HF
Garrett GT35R, GT3582R, GT35/40R, GT35R HF
Garrett GT3082R, GT30/40R, GT3082R HF
Garrett GT3071R
Borg Warner KKK K27

Also with all Garrett Turbocharger with T3 exhaust variation, e.g. GT2554R with T31 exhaust Side, etc.
BorgWarner EFR7064 (with T3 exhaust housing)
BorgWarner EFR7163 (with T3 exhaust housing)
BorgWarner EFR7670 (with T3 exhaust housing)
BorgWarner EFR8374 (with T3 exhaust housing)
BorgWarner EFR9180 (with T3 exhaust housing)